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Brand Management and PR

In everyday use the word "brand" is a reference to a product or an organisation that has a recognisable style and reputation, everything that makes it different from the competition. Ask most people and they will be happy to reveal their favourite brands or exercise an opinion about brands they don't like. They are unlikely to have much to say about brands that are almost invisible to them. These brands may be ones they think they have no interest in…but in many cases it's the brands that have no interest in them.

Without a strategy behind it, a logo alone cannot even begin to grow into a brand. And unless the strategy is an effective one, a proposed brand is in little danger of ever becoming anyone's favourite.

A business or organisation's brand is a product of everything it does and all that it communicates. While this includes the logo design and branding materials, there are also the advertising and public relations activities that it uses in an attempt to manage how it is perceived. Crucially it is customer experience through the quality of goods, staff behaviour and word of mouth that can be the most critical factors.

We help companies create & manage their brand image.

Conventional PR

A cross-platform PR solution is essential to drive the business goals of your organization. From conceptualization to execution, our ideas utilize the multiple aspects of Marketing and PR effectively helping brands reach their consumers in the most impactful style We ensure that each PR initiative is integrated comprehensively across the variety of spheres we specialize in. Our focus is to understand your needs & business environment and then visualize campaigns that invoke curiosity and build brand-image by leaving a lasting impression on your consumers.

Our Service include

  • Corporate Communication
  • Media Understanding & Relations
  • Ideation of an effective communication plan
  • Editorial Communication
  • Event Management & Promotions
  • Crisis Management

Digital PR

Our newly implemented service helps us to extend traditional P.R. practices along with innovative interactive P.R. strategies and viral campaigns, to the latest preferred medium for information – the internet. Our unique ideas employ search engines, blogging as well as user-generated content to promote your brand. Unlike traditional medium that enable only one-way communication, online P.R. also acts as an important tool to receive valuable feedback from your target audience.

Media Intelligence & Newsroom

Staying updated with all news pieces on your company and the industry is an important tool to perceive the general opinion of the brand. We at Media Moments monitor all the important news publications, wires, electronic channels and digital media for any news regarding your brand or fresh information on industry or competition activities.

Our network also enables us to gather information regarding upcoming industry-related news articles and ensure a healthy participation for your brand in the same.

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