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You're about to start a business and you've decided you need a "logo". Or is it a "brand" you're after? It's not uncommon to hear both words used as if they mean the same thing, but they don't.

When setting up a new enterprise it is easy to talk about a "brand" when "logo" is what is actually meant. A logo can be a combination of elements; like the company or product name in a certain typeface, in a specific colour, probably with a graphic device and sometimes accompanied by a strap line.

Think of a logo as just one working item within the complex contraption that makes up an identity…and think of an identity as only a part of what constitutes a brand overall. It is essential that this highly concentrated point of design, the logo, is in synch with all the other things that form the brand's structure. Naturally this includes and can even depend on the brand strategy.

The graphic design process that results in a logo is an essential feature. The key to getting the logo application right is a set of design rules usually called Brand Guidelines. These are comprehensive, easy-to-follow and accurate instructions for the logo and the other brand elements so that they are always used correctly and consistently. All the appropriate media is covered along with precise colour specifications in different technologies, fonts, layouts and even fundamental items like stationery, which can include artwork templates.

And so, what is it you need? Is it a comprehensive brand design service? A design team that knows how to respond to an existing brand strategy? A marketing design partner that can help you develop one? Will you eventually require application designs or brand guidelines?

Or, for goodness sake, do you simply want a cracking good logo?

When you consider that we've been in the business for over 3 years it's not surprising that we have created literally hundreds of new brands and logos (and made great improvements to some old ones). Not only have we witnessed extraordinary changes in the world of communications design, we also played a significant part in making them. And after all that, guess what? We still love the excitement and surge of creative anticipation that happens when a new client makes contact.

Getting value for money

Other logo design companies offer platinum, gold and suchlike pricing based upon the number of 'prototypes' and 'revisions' and even the number of 'designers' who offer you designs. Of course this hit and miss process is a nonsensical way to design a logo. These companies farm the work out to students and lone freelancers who offer speculative designs in the hope of earning pocket money. We won't accept a brief that says 'I'll know it when I see it' because that is just a lottery and, frankly, a cop out by the client. There are infinite possibilities for designs on the proverbial blank piece of paper and what we do as designers is rarely confined to merely pleasing a client. Design has a job to do and to do our job properly we need to know what the job to be done is. Quite simply, you get what you pay for.

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